Monthly Archives: September 2018

  1. Garden Design Inspiration for Autumn

    Despite the weather changes, autumn does not mean the end of the garden season. With a few design tweaks, adjustments and additions you can make sure that your garden not only looks nice but is also functional throughout the season. Whether you choose to change your flower and plant display or add new design elements or furniture pieces is entirely up to you, but here are our fail-safe ideas for sprucing up your garden to welcome the season of fallen leaves.

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  2. How to Care for Your Teak Outdoor Furniture

    In the same way that all growing things in your garden need some love and attention, the same applies to outdoor furniture. Outdoor garden furniture made from teak is renowned for its high quality and durability during all seasons and weather conditions and therefore is an excellent investment. After all, teak has been used in shipbuilding for centuries.

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